British Sign Language Level 2

Evening Course Information

The BSL Level 2 course is an intermediate course that is the follow on course from our BSL Level 1.  Our course is taught by a level 1 to 6 qualified teacher.

Assessment is available if you want to determine your level.   Please get in touch.


BSL Level 1 Units

The course will be studied over 3 units.

  • BSL201: British Sign Language Receptive Skills
  • BSL202: British Sign Language Productive skills
  • BSL203: British Sign Language Conversational Skills

For each unit you will be need to complete an assessment, upon passing all the exams you will be awarded a certificate for BSL Level 2.

Class Information


LEVEL 2 COURSES | £499 Early Bird

WEEKLY | Thursday 21 November 7pm 


Course Duration | 17 sessions (each session 45-55min)

Exam Duration | 3 sessions (each session 1 hour)

***Please note that there is an additional charge for the examinations (£99 each exam). There are 3 exams in total.  This is accredited by Signature (examining board). Each student is allocated one hour per exam (1:1)